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Spiritual Time Management » Services


Spiritual, Professional, and Career Development Services

Spiritual Direction Coaching

If you are searching for greater connection and for a sense of the Divine in your everyday life, let us accompanying on your journey. Spiritual direction helps people tell their stories and see the Holy in their lives. Spiritual direction helps people discover a path to a deeper relationship with G-d, which honors their own background and experiences. With spiritual direction, you can explore prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices, to lift up the moments of your life to greater meaning and purpose.

Pastoral Guidance

If you are in spiritual pain, suffering from loss, or facing another spiritual challenge, we can support you. We can help you do a spiritual assessment of your spiritual needs, help you devise a response, and be with you on your quest for peace, wholeness, and happiness.

Career Coaching

If you are in career pain or simply looking for a greater sense of fulfillment and joy in your work, we can help. Career satisfaction is at its heart a spiritual dynamic. It is about expressing the real you in what you do and touching the world around you in a way that you sense as meaningful. We can help you explore career options that bring out the best in you and help you discover where your talents can be applied. We can also help you with job search and marketing strategies and coach you along the way.

Personal and Executive Coaching

For executives and housewives and all types of professionals in between looking for more meaning, fulfillment, and effectiveness in their many roles, we can coach you to be your best. Whether you are looking for an edge in your business or you are in need of balancing your life-work-personal responsibilities, we can help you get to that place where you truly want to be.

Public Speaking

Let us entertain, teach, and uplift you at your next event. Our popular topics are

  • Spiritual Time Management – Using Your Time to Connect to Something Greater Than Yourself
  • Career Spirituality – Learning the R.O.P.E.S: A practical approach to spirituality and finding spiritual fulfillment in the workplace
  • The Anatomy of a Spiritual Experience: Finding the Spiritual Every Day
  • Happiness: What is it and how do I get there


Let us facilitate a workshop for you. Whether for the office or for a home group, we can increase productiveness and joy. We can design a program to lift up the work and the lives of your friends, peers, and colleagues to be filled with connected moments – moments of meaning and moments in touch with the Divine.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  INFO@spiritualtimemanagement.com or 

CALL:  (216) 691-9775