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Spiritual Time Management » Blog Archive » LIFE IS A FIRST DATE


The foundation of spiritual growth is to hold a vision in your mind of who you are – who you are bringing to your relationship with the Divine.

The previous several blog entries were meant to get you thinking about such a vision for yourself. Shaping this vision though cannot be achieved in an instant or after a single exercise. It is something that you must constantly work on, shape, and reinforce. The nature of life is that it is always changing. No moment is the same as the next, and who you are at this moment will not be the same person you are a few seconds from now. The story of your life is always being written; and your nature will not be fully clear until your life is at an end and all that you were is measured.

Still, your vision of yourself and who you want to be is essential today. It guides you and creates your potential.

Like when a person goes on a first date or a job interview, the person they share with the other in the room is not likely the person they are – at that moment. However, if one is sincere, the person they present is the person they aspire to be, which is, to some degree, the truer self.

To grow spiritually, all of life must be to you like a first date or interview. How you present yourself and all your words need to be measured. All your actions need to be thought out and in line with the vision you hold in your mind of what you want your ultimate self to be.

So think again about what a spiritual person looks like to you. Is that who you are? Is that the person you want to be? How will you get there?

Think about who you are. Sum up the essence of that person in a single sentence? What does that sentence say about you? Are you happy with this vision? If not, can you improve it so that it guides you to a greater potential?

You live in a custom made world; a world that was created for you, with everything you need and every moment thought out and designed specifically for you to achieve greatness. What does that mean to you? Are you important enough? Do you care about what life is calling from you? What are you doing to hear this voice and what are you doing to respond?

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