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In the Biblical story of creation, G-d creates humanity from a single individual, while G-d creates all other animals in groups as species. One reason given for this anomaly is that G-d wants to teach that a single individual merits all of reality. As such, if a person saves a single life, it is as if a person has saved an entire universe; and if a person takes a single life, it is as if a person has destroyed the entire world. Therefore, each of us is obligated to say to ourselves at least once a day, “The world was created for me.”

Do you believe this?

Is it possible that this is a custom-made world, perfect for you in every respect?

If this were true, if the world were truly created for you, what would that mean?

To me, it implies that I am valuable and valued by G-d? It also implies that I must “fit in” to the world? There must be something out there for me to accomplish – something that G-d wants me to succeed at. In addition, it implies that I am loved, and there are relationships waiting for me.

If G-d made that world “for me,” then surely this also carries responsibility. Implied in this charge is a trust.

What about you? If you were meant to look at the world as if it were created “for you,” what would that mean to you? How would you feel? Would it change your perspective on your place in the world? What would it imply in terms of what you are meant to do with your time?

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