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Spirituality Is What Gives Life Meaning

In the last blog entry, we answered the question of “What is spirituality,” by observing that the spiritual is that which connects everything in existence together.  Spirituality, then, is that state of being in which a person becomes aware of a profound sense connectedness to something greater than oneself.

Profoundly, the spiritual plane of existence is what enables life to have meaning. 

Think about it! 

When people say that something is meaningful, they are expressing that one thing deeply connects to something else.  If a mathematical equation, such as E = MC2, is said to be meaningful, it is because the letters/symbols in the equation connect to greater concepts and in the combination represented reflect an idea with implications far beyond what appears on the page.  If I say that I have a meaningful relationship with someone, I am expressing that I feel a deep connection to that person.  If I say that I want to have a meaningful job, I am saying that I want to connect in an important way to the world outside me through what I do.  And the more meaningful something is – the more meaningful the equation, the relationship, the occupation… – the deeper the connection which is felt.  Conversely, when I feel a relationship is not meaningful, I feel little or no connection to the other person involved.

Thus, without spirituality, life could have no meaning.  Without spirituality, nothing would share any deep, intrinsic, connection to anything else.  People and things would be wholly independent of one another, sharing only opportunistic and transitory relationships with each other.

With respect to how we individually perceive meaning, we each experience the interconnectedness of this world in ways which are unique to us.  We each have different talents and personality, which enable us to connect in different ways.  Some concepts appeal to some people but not to others; some occupations interest some but not others; and some people are attractive to some but not to others.  Yet, when a connection is felt, it is the same meaning – an emanation from the spiritual realm – which is being experienced, albeit along different paths.  The spiritual connection between all of existence is absolute, but each individual perceives that connection in a manner relative to their own personality.  Different people “tune in” to different experiences. 

Spirituality is real.  It is everywhere and in everything.  Nonetheless, each of us is sensitive to it in different ways.  What things do you connect to?

What you connect to reflects the essence of who you are.

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