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Spirituality Is That Which Connects

In seeking an answer to the question, “What is spirituality,” our first observation was that spirituality is real.  It is not fluff, and we are not discussing snake oil.  Rather, as anything worthy of discussion, spirituality is real and can be concretely examined and appreciated.

That said, we are still in need of a definition.  So let’s go deeper –

At its essence, when we talk about the spiritual, we are talking about a higher realm of existence from which physical reality emanates.  The spiritual refers to that which connects everything in the universe together in a real and intrinsic way – one object with another, one point in time to another.  Through the spiritual, one transcends the momentary and connects to something beyond than one’s self and, ultimately, to the Infinite.

By dictionary definition, spirituality refers to the quality, or state, of being spiritual.  Hence, in answering the question of “What is spirituality,” spirituality is that state of being in which a person feels a profound sense connectedness – connecting to one’s greater self, to other people, to the external world, or to something larger than the moment. 

Not surprisingly, when people who have had spiritual experiences are asked to describe how they felt in those moments, people universally use expressions such as having felt “at peace,”  “at one with the universe,” or “connected.”   Whether at a sunset, a mountaintop, the birth of a child, a moving religious service, or any other of circumstance inducing such a state, people, who identify theses events as spiritual, describe becoming aware – if only for a moment – of some deep connection to something greater.

Ask yourself if this is true.  Think about a time when you felt moved, when you felt “spiritual,” or when you felt that you had a prayer answered.  How did you experience that moment?  What emotions were evoked in you?  Was it a sense of connectedness?  If so, to what did you feel connected?  God?  A loved one?  A Cause?  Your greater self?

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