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Spiritual Time Management » Blog Archive » SPIRITUALITY IS REAL


If we are going to talk about “Spiritual” Time Management, the natural place to start is by defining – “What is Spirituality?”

To answer this question, however, we must begin with a BIG assumption.  That is, we must assume that there is such a thing as the spiritual.  We must also assume that people can have “spiritual experiences” that are something more than a figment of their imagination.  Thus, an initial point in any discussion is that spirituality is REAL. 

Realness implies that the spiritual realm has a structure associated with it.  By definition, anything real has structure and is governed by immutable laws.  Just as there are laws of nature, such as physics and biology, which govern the physical world, so too there must be spiritual laws, which govern the spiritual world.  Just as when an object falls, the laws of physics demand that gravity pull it down, so too spiritual experiences must be guided by certain absolute principles of the spiritual realm. 

The alternative is to say that spirituality is chaotic; and chaos is nonexistence.  However, if spirituality is real and has structure, then it can be studied, understood, and accessed. 

It also follows that the human drive for spirituality is for something real.  Spiritual needs are real, which really must be met. 

Appreciating the realness of your own needs is the first step of Spiritual Time Management.

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