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Spiritual Time Management » Blog Archive » TIME IS OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET


It’s 3:00 in the morning, and I am sitting in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (“MICU”) of a major medical center, consoling the wife of a dying man.  They are both in their early-60’s, and Carol* is watching her husband take what is turning out to be his last breaths.  Carol is angry.  “I feel cheated,” she says.  “Frank* worked his whole life so that he could retire, and we could travel together.  Frank was a dairy farmer, and dairy farming is a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week occupation.  I wanted him to give it up, but he loved it so dearly.  He promised me, though, that when he turned sixty, he would give it up and devote the rest of his time to me.  He just sold the farm, and we were about to go on a cruise when his heart gave out.  Now I have nothing….”

John* is a 35 year-old, athletic, man.  He married his childhood sweetheart a few years ago, and about 6 months ago they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.  About 10 months ago, though, John was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.  Today, he is lying in the hospital, waiting to receive a stem-cell transplant of his own stem cells in the hope of extending his life five more years.  His cancer presently has no cure; and eventually, even if the transplant takes hold, the cancer will come back and eat up his new cells as it did his old.  However, with medical advances moving as rapidly as they are today, John has hope that in the meantime “they” will find a cure – or that at the end of five years he will be able to have another transplant and buy himself another five years.  John’s greatest fear is not being able to raise his son.

Christine* was born with a congenital heart defect.  The surgeons tried their best to mend her heart.  However, Christine was too weak, and the surgery had its own complications.  Christine died in her mother’s arms with a gruesome open chest wound at 3 months of age.

Everyday in America 15 pedestrians are killed by automobiles.  Everyday, somebody wakes up fit and healthy, ready to take on life and its challenges… to accomplish something – only to be randomly struck by a car, suddenly and catastrophically, wiping away all that potential and all those dreams.

What these true stories illustrate is that in life, there are no guarantees. 

Time is truly our greatest asset; but none of us know how much we have.  Over a lifetime, some are granted more time and some less.  Some get a long life, while others pass in the blink of an eye.  And in that time, some seem to touch many in a short existence, while others seemingly do little over many years.  Yet for all, a day remains twenty-four hours. 

What will you do with your time?  How will you cherish it and make it valuable?  Who are you today, and who do you wish to become tomorrow?

The goal of this BLOG – and this website – is to help you find answers to these questions and help you find a path in life that makes whatever time you are given worthwhile.  I hope you find its content meaningful. 

I invite you to journey with me in this exploration.  I would value any feedback.  Please dialogue with me so that together we can build a community of people seeking the greatest moments possible.

-Moshe Fine

*All names changed

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